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open through February 1, 2021.


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The total club fees are staying the same this season. Last season, fees were broken down between player fees and player warm-ups/facility fee of $100.  After feedback from parents, the club has streamlined these fees into one flat fee instead of having you write separate checks.  Simply stated, the flat fee for 2021 is the same as the total combination of fees for 2020.

This year families and players will automatically be given $200 worth of discount cards (10) to voluntarily sell and keep the proceeds.  These proceeds can help offset any personal player expenses for the season.  More cards are available to sell upon request.    

In an effort to continue to grow Mukwonago Lacrosse, we have also added a referral bonus this year. If you refer a new family to the Mukwonago Lacrosse Club, you will receive a bonus of $100 for a high school player and $50 for a youth player (up to the total of your family’s registration fees). Please have the new family enter your name in the space provided for referral on the registration form.

Please contact a board member if you have any questions.


What will be included in this year’s fees?
Participation in Mukwonago Lacrosse Club games and tournaments as well as this year’s  2021 practice and warm-up gear.  You will automatically receive 10 discount cards to sell at $20 each, helping you to recoup funds if you choose.

Why does my player need another set up practice and warm up gear if I just bought one last year?
Each year, the practice and warm up gear will change.  In an effort to have our players look like a team on the field and bus, the coaches and the board want the team to dress alike.

Where do my fees go?
The fees you pay go many places.  Player, coach and board of directors insurance, equipment insurance, Mukwonago School District (renting inside gym space, turf field rental, etc.), Town of Eagle field rental, coaches’ salaries, new equipment (i.e. nets and goals), increased fees for referees, tournaments, increased and additional bus fees, coaching clinics and more.

Why does the Club have to do fundraising?
The Mukwonago Lacrosse Club is not funded by the school. As a small example, we actually get charged to schedule use of the facilities and turn on the lights to use the turf at night! Fundraising is also an important part of how we pay the coaches’ salaries as well as pay for other fees mentioned above.  It is important to point out that the HS coaches also coach the youth teams.  They dedicate a lot of time to our players and all are past players, many from the collegiate level.  

Additionally, thanks to the fundraising we were able to do prior to COVID cancelling our season in 2020, our club members received an 84% refund last year

Any questions, please reach out to the board of directors.

For "offline" payments (deposit or full payment), please make your check payable to Mukwonago Lacrosse Club and mail it to: 

Mukwonago Lacrosse Club
P. O. Box 642
Mukwonago, WI  53149