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Tropical Plants

2024 Tropical Plant Sale

Everyone needs to feel a little warmer, and the perfect way to do that is to think about enjoying tropical plants on your deck, patio or in your yard.

Plant sales runs from April 18- 30.  This year, plants will arrive May 15-19, the week AFTER Mother's Day. 

Lindsay Motl (Boys Youth) is serving as our Tropical Plant Coordinator. She will compile all orders into one large order that we will give to the supplier. You can reach Lindsay at

You'll collect plant money when you deliver your plants.  Money is turned in to your subcoordinator within one week of delivery. Sub-coordinators then  reconcile the funds and turn it in to Lindsay.

Plant sub-coordinators are:

  • Girls Youth: Ashlee Buroker
  • Boys Youth (U8-U10): Nicole Sippel
  • Boys Youth (U12-U14): Krista Galbraith and Chrissy Uecker  

Submitting Your Order

Once your order is complete, you will fill in the online order form with your totals from the printed sheet. DO NOT SHARE THE ORDER FORM LINK WITH ANYONE. We will accept one order submission per lacrosse family.

Things to Know

The plants are directly shipped from K and M Nursery in Boynton Beach, Florida.

  •  The plants are tropical. This means they are grown in sunny, warm South Florida. They get watered everyday and they do not like temperatures under 40 degrees!
  • They will not last outside through the winter. They may or may not last if you bring them inside during the winter. Overwintering will depend on where you can keep them and the care you give them.
  • Another way to introduce people to “tropicals” is to compare them to annuals. They love our warm, humid summers and they will thrive in a pot or planted in the ground as long as they are watered!
  • Look at the order form to see which ones are better in sun or shade.

When Ordering

  • Use the brochure to view photos of the plants and to keep track of all orders.
  • We are offering 20 different plants this year.
  • Some of the plants require a color designation on the order form. Please see the order form showing how to designate the number and color requested.
    • If a color isn’t specified on the order sheet, a color will be chosen for you.
    • In some instances, some colors may be unavailable.
    • Shades of red and pink can vary from season to season. Some years the reds are dark, and some years the pinks are pale.  No matter what, they will be beautiful.
  • EACH FAMILY SUBMITS ONE TOTAL ORDER to the CLUB CONTACT - please get a TOTAL count on all of the types of plants your family sold. A final tally of # and in some instances, # per color. (Eg. Smith Family sold: 2 boston fern, 6 hawaiian ti, 20 dipladenia bush (6 pink, 8 red, 6 white), 16 mandevilla trellis (8 pink, 8 red), 8 mixed mandevilla trellis, 4 dipladenia trellis 1 gal (2 red, 2 pink) = total of 56 plants)
  • Once totaled, give your totals to your club fundraising volunteer. You will keep your order form which includes all the individual orders.
  • Each family that sells plants will be responsible for delivering orders to their customers and collecting the money. You will pick up your family's plants at Schuett's Farm, north of Mukwonago on Highway 83 (near County X).
  • Money is delivered to plant sub-coordinators after plants delivered. 
  • Our goal is for each family to sell 5 plants.

Water and Patience

When you and your customers get your plants, you might be worried about their condition. Keep in mind that they have been in a truck without water traveling through who knows what kind of weather. 

The first thing they need is water - lots of water. They are from a warm, humid area and won't thrive if they don't get water ASAP. 

The second thing they need is protection. If overnight temps are below 40 degrees, they need to be inside a garage or shed. 

Be patient! They'll bounce back with a little care, and you'll have your own tropical paradise in no time.

Here are some pictures of how these plants looked in Wisconsin in the middle of the summer.

Fiesta Hibiscus

Fiesta Hibiscus

Boston Fern

Boston Fern