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Game Volunteer Job Responsibilities

Here are the basic descriptions for game day volunteer roles. If you have a question, contact your team manager or your program director.

Team score reporter (HS only)

Calls scores into schools for announcements

Announcer (HS only)

Provides play-by-play of game. Report to announcer's booth (teepee) on east side of field.  Announce goals and assists during game.  Announce players and run sound system.  NO GUESTS ALLOWED. If Chris Walker can do this, he gets the mic.

Penalty Time Keeper (HS only)

Report to east side of field.  Sit at table.  Keep track of players who are serving penalties and their time when they can release.  Help the score keeper/book keeper spot plays, and such for stat book.  YOU MUST NOT CHEER EXCESSIVELY AT THIS LOCATION AND YOU MUST NOT QUESTION ANY CALLS.  Be Neutral.

Scorekeeper/Timekeeper (Home Games)

Report to announcer's booth on east side of field for high school, scorer's table for youth. These are two separate positions for youth. No additional people allowed. YOU MUST BE CONTROLLED IN CHEERING FROM THIS LOCATION, NEUTRAL AS POSSIBLE.

Field Set Up (Home Games)

High School: Report to sideline on east side of field 45 minutes before start time of first game of the day. Set up scorers table with two chairs on players sideline, American flag from teepee is on flag pole, scoreboard is on, bathrooms open, cones placed on corners, and players sidelines, Set up new game balls around field after warm ups concluded, Orange water jug is filled and on bench. Coach has key for access for teepee.  
Youth: Report to the coaches 30 minutes before the game. Set up scorers' table, chairs, clock and cones. Put out extra balls outside the lines behind the goals. Most equipment is in the pod. If there was already a game on the field and everything is set up, check with coaches to see if they need anything - more balls in end zones, etc.

Field Clean Up (Home Games)

High School: Report to sideline on east side of field at the end of the game.
Youth: After the game, report to table between the two team areas on the sideline. If there is another game after, see if coaches need help with anything. If there is no game following, put the table, cones, and equipment in the storage pod. Pick up extra balls. The goals stay out. Everything else gets put away.

Statistician (HS only)

Report to table on east side of field.  Watch game, and record stats in book for Coach Billy and referees if needed.  Penalty keeper is your spotter also.  You should have a good understanding of the game with GB's, shots, saves, etc.  YOU MUST BE NEUTRAL AT THIS LOCATION AND NOT QUESTIONS ANY CALLS.

Video (HS only, home and away games)

Report to sideline on east side of field for home games, to coach or HS director for away games.

Photographer (home and away games)

Take pictures at the game from the sideline. E-mail at least two pictures to

Water Person (HS only)

Report to sideline on east side of field at halftime to fill water bottles at home and away games. Need mask and gloves.

Culture Keeper (Youth only)

Maintain a positive and sportsmanlike environment around the playing field with respect to MLC parents and fans. Report issues to team manager and/or coaches/board.